Großer Österreichischer Messing & Glas Sputnik Kronleuchter von Emil S...

8 801.00 EUR

This thirty-three-light ´Snowball´ chandelier was designed in 1955 by Emil Stejnar, and produced by Rupert Nikoll for the Vienna Cafe ´´Ohne Pause Espresso´´ at Graben. ´´Der Graben´´ is one of the most famous streets in Vienna´s first district, the city centre. Stejnar (1939) was trained as a gold- and silversmith in his hometown of Vienna; his lighting designs are reflective of this background and clearly shows in his attention to ornament and his keen eye for detail. Made from glass and brass, this lamp evokes associations with both nature and science. The total height is 100 cm including the rod, though a shorted rod can be delivered upon request.

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