BL2 Tischlampe von Robert Dudley für Best & Lloyd, 1990er

250.00 EUR

This table lamp was originally designed by Robert Dudley for Best & Lloyd in the 1930s. The articulated metal lamp was sober as well as functional and offered adjustable lighting while still remaining stable. The simple shape of the lamp was considered too avant-gardist at the time and upon its release, it was mainly used in car repair workshops. The lamp was later made famous by the British prime minister Winston Churchill who made it his desk lamp at Whitehall. The BL1 is now part of the permanent collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. The reissue of the original lamp 60 years later was made possible by Danish designer Gubi Olsen who acquired the marketing rights from the Birmingham company Best & Lloyd for Scandinavia. Soon Best & Lloyd closed its doors and Gubi Olsen took over production, allowing Bestlite lamps to make a comeback on the international scene. The BL2 table lamp is entirely made of metal with a chromed lampshade and arm as well as a powder-coated metal base. The piece allows light to be directed with precision via its adjustable shade and an arm that can be moved vertically.

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