Wrap Tischlampe aus Buche & Messing von Johannes Hemann

1 845.00 EUR

Wrap is the series of objects in which Johannes Hemann examines the shells of things remaining after their disappearance. For this, branches of trees are covered in brass wire which is then soldered; through this method the branch is burned out of the cast. The original shape of the branches remains in the cover of brass wire now defining the shape of the lamp. The shape of the pieces in this series is not only defined by the process of covering, but mostly by the shape of the branch. And from the shape of the branch, the viewer can guess to which tree the branch belonged. The spruce branches which Hemann used for some lamps, for example, open wide and wild. The beech branches create leaner, higher forms. The surface on the outside is polished until it is possible to see the two materials: the steel wire and the brass soldering wire. The different colors are also reminiscent of the creation and appearance of annual growth rings. The inside is sandblasted and has been lacquered, to highlight this process. The diameter is variable between 12 and 20 cm.

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