Bauhaus Kupfer & Messing Wandlampe von Kandem, 1930er

795.00 EUR

This adjustable Bauhaus wall lamp in copper and brass was made for Kandem, in Leipzig, Germany circa 1934. It is believed that this model is a luxury version or prototype of the No. 971 workbench lamp. The lamp head is made from copper (normally they are made from aluminum), and the arm is made of brass (normally this is made from iron). This model No. 971 was made until 1939. The diameter of the cap is 140 mm (a medium size as stated in the Kandem book). The short arm is 30 cm and the longer arm is 56 cm. The dimensions of the foot are h x w x d = 3 x 8.3 x 9.1 cm. The switch on the cap has been replaced with a cord switch. The wiring has been checked and the lamp is polished.

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